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Karlie Rosin

Meet Karlie Carpentier Rosin | Artist
Painting, Illustration, Design

I’m an artist working in painting, illustration and design. Originally from Montreal, I now live in Vancouver, Canada. I love to channel my creativity using vibrant colours and different mixed media techniques, such as acrylic and watercolour paint, markers and crayons, combined with digital painting and photo manipulation in Photoshop. Sometimes I add playful elements, like hints of gold and iridescent paint.

My mom is French Canadian and my dad is Estonian, and growing up with parents who had such a varied background helped expand my creativity and interests. I’ve been making art basically my whole life. Subjects like landscapes, animals, plant life, space, fashion, design, behaviours, current events and traveling really inspire me, as well as my life experiences.

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After art school, I became a freelance illustrator and digital matte painter in the visual effects industry, working on big blockbuster movies, including Godzilla 2, Justice League, The Mummy, and Suicide Squad. This exciting career experience taught me to work quickly under pressure, and learn the skills necessary to be in business. It also expanded my ability to be versatile and blend traditional and digital mediums to create the best quality work.

I love developing a solid visual story through my art, with lots of impact and personality capable of influencing the life, happiness and experience of the people who come across it. This has helped in my artistic journey and my creative lifestyle, which includes working as a social media influencer and blogger.

The Pawsitive Wishes greeting card line highlights my playful side as well as my love for animals. These designs were created using acrylic, watercolour, and digital painting. My style for this collection is reminiscent of fashion illustrations, but transformed into a group of adorable cats and dogs that hopefully will inspire you to send a card and brighten someone’s day!

  • Art by Karlie Rosin